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About Us

AVANA Cosmetic & Beauty Clinic is a professional, non surgical beauty clinic located in Central London. We provide a comprehensive range of high quality skin and hair treatments, which are tailored to your individual, specific needs.

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Using light as a medical treatment has grown significantly in recent years. Now, there are a number of devices which use light for a variety of medical treatments. Ultra - Violet light, for example, has been used to treat psoriasis (a chronic skin disease) for a number of years, and many people use light boxes during the winter to reduce the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Simply, regular exposure to such light is said to make people feel better.

The use of laser light for medical procedures began in the 1960s when lasers were first used in operations as cutting tools by some surgeons. Laser technology has developed over the last few decades to treat patients with a variety of different skin problems including the effects of sun damage, hair removal, thread and varicose veins and, recently, the treatment of psoriasis and acne. In fact, laser treatment for hair removal was developed after they had been used to treat skin problems.

Scientific studies in the early 1990s proved that lasers were an effective method of removing unwanted hair, and the first machine approved for use in America was in 1996. Since then, many different types of laser and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) machines and Light Heat Energy (LHE) devices have been developed and improved to remove hair in all areas of the body (including beards).

For those interested in laser hair removal treatment, it is important to note that no manufacturer has been given permission to claim that they can cause "permanent removal" of hair, as this has not yet been proven. However, they are allowed to claim "permanent reduction" of hair when advertising this option for hair removal. That means that whilst hair may not be removed entirely, it will certainly be removed to a significant degree.


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